Saturday, February 10, 2018

Let The Party Begin (again) !!! AKA Ho Hum More 1/1s

A bunch of my friends and coworkers went to the Philadelphia Eagles parade on Thursday.  I could care less. Hahahaha!

I like to party differently.

With cardboard of parties I wasn't invited to.

So remember last year when I was buying up a bunch of the Transcendent Topps Party 1/1 cards?

Well, I managed to grab 3 of them last year.
You can see them all by clicking here.

This year Topps treated select fans to another party with special guest Hank Aaron.

It offered the silver pack exclusives which contained a bountiful of 1/1 buyback restamps.  It was however reported by Topps that they may have over produced multiple copies of autograph 1/1s.  Shame on you Topps!!!

There haven't been any reports that the nonautographs got produced in quantities greater than 1/1 though.

Me being the supercollecting nut that I am I of course laid down some cash for this, my first true 1/1 2018 of Cutch.

I have some more on the way too.

I will not be purchasing any color parallels from 2018 Topps so if you come across any Cutch cards PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY.  I pulled the base and Legends in the Making.  I know that AJ is sending some inserts my way which I am really looking forward to.


  1. Yes, I have some for you! I'm actually going to try and get to the post office this morning to send them.

  2. Cool card! I've got a color parallel for you, but it's not 2018 Topps, but I know you'll like it!

  3. Wow. Topps dropped the ball on that one. Thanks for sharing the link. Can't imagine how upset and/or disappointed I'd be if I bought one of those 1/1's only to find out there were 9 or 10 others just like it.

    P.S. Congratulations on adding the 1 of 1 to your collection.

  4. Congrats on the 1/1!

    I don't have any 2018 parallels yet but when I pull any Cutch they r yours