Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Serial Numbering Errors

When you super collect a player, you learn everything there is to know about different parallels and what to expect from them.

Look at the 3 cards below.  At a quick glance they appear to be the same card, right?

Panini is known for their Statline parallels where they use numbers from a player's career, season, and single game stats and make serially numbered parallels to chase.
Well, let's take a look closer at each card starting with the card on the left.

The marking on the left mentions that Cutch had 159 hits in 2017.
That means that the card should be serially numbered XXX/159.
Everything checks out.

Now let's move to the card in the middle.
The identification on left of card talks about Cutch collecting 8 RBI in a single game.

This parallel is what is known as a Game Day Statline parallel.  It is numbered to only 8 copies.

Now this is where things get weird when we look at the card on the right. 
The card has the game day statline of 8 RBI on the left.
But the card numbering is numbered 159 copies NOT 8

This is a case of mistaken identity and bad serial numbers.  The card likely was intended to be numbered to only copies(game day stat) but was instead numbered to copies (season stat)

So that concludes our detective work for today.  Keep your eyes open on serially numbered cards, you may find something that's not quite right.


  1. Fascinating. I there an actual 3/8 of the game day stat parallel? Is there a 3/159 of the season stat parallel? In short, is this one of the 8, one of the 159, or an extra? I suppose the only way to know is if someone who reads this happens to have encountered such cards.

  2. Man, those are hard to translate. Game stats of /8 with a variation of /3, Season stats variation of /159, regular is two hundred something. No other /159 listed in the database. And now I've forgotten my phone number...

  3. Nice detective work. I wonder if there are any season stat cards numbered to only 8 floating around out there.