Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Huge Addition For The PC

I have been showing off a lot of Allen & Ginter over the past few weeks, but my favorite base set year after year is Topps Heritage. Topps Heritage High Number should be coming out soon and hopefully Andrew McCutchen is part of the set along with a few inserts to chase.

Heritage has kept a simple formula since it's original inception; create a checklist of everyday players for each team and keep the parallels to a minimum.  Over the past few years we have seen Topps get away from this slightly by adding parallels like flip stock, action variants, nickname variants, and throwback uniform variants.  Something that hasn't changed over the years though is the chrome stock parallels.  The original release in 2001 had a chrome version numbered to 1952 (the design that 2001 Heritage was based on).  It also had a refractor version that was numbered to 552 copies (giving another homage to the 1952 design). There were black parallels numbered to 52 copies (yet another homage to the 52 design), gold Refractors (5 copies), and Superfractor (1 copy).

This formula stayed in place each consecutive year with the chromes, refractors, and black refractors getting one extra card produced each year to give homage to the design it was based on. In 2013 the base chrome cards began being numbered to only 999 copies instead of 1964 which would have been the numbering that would have been assigned under the old system.  Refractors and Blacks continued the theme of /5(YR) and /(YR) respectively.

I often get commented on "I can't believe you didn't have card X in your collection" or "I'm surprised there is a Cutch card you don't have" but with over 5K Andrew McCutchen cards on the market (and that doesn't even include the 5x7 or 16x20 Topps Shop exclusives) there are still plenty cards I need for the collection.

That doesn't mean there aren't cards that I value more for wanting in my collection than others though.  I recently secured not 1 NOT 2, but 3 cards I needed and have had on the want list for a long time.

Let's begin with 2010 Topps Heritage Black Chrome Refractor

The 2010 Heritage design is based on the original 1961 Topps design, one of my favorite designs from the 60s.
This card is incredible.  I was reluctant to submit such a high offer on it because the seller didn't have much feedback, but considering this is the first one that has popped up in 5 years, I knew I needed to make an honest attempt at getting it.

It went super smooth and within 2 days of paying for the auction I had it in hand.
This 2010 black refractor is numbered to only 61 copies (numbering is based on the 1961 design).

I will show off the two other cards I have wanted for long periods of time over the next few weeks.  One is coming in as part of a monster trade. The other is coming from PWCC.


  1. Love the card back! Don't think I've ever taken the time to appreciate the 1961 backs.

  2. Wow, the first one that popped up in 5 years?! Glad you snagged it.