Sunday, May 3, 2020

An Ugly Superfractor

Topps took a great hobby item, the Superfractor, and began combining it with the most impressive visual set in 2018 when Topps Stadium Club Chrome was introduced.

How could 2 iconic things go bad?

Well, when you get a card with a mostly dark background and try to turn it into a Superfractor, it isn't great as evidenced below.

The reflective light and circles just dont pop on this card the way my other Superfractors do.  This may be my worse looking superfractor in the collection.

I also have the 2018 Stadium Club Chrome Superfractor which I showed off here.


  1. Hard to tell from the scan, but I'll take your word for it. Still, chalk up another 1/1!

  2. That 2018 SC is a great shot!

  3. I wouldn't of even known that the first card was a superfractor had you not said something, seems like the 1/1's should stand out just a bit more.

  4. You know your collection is pretty awesome when you can type out the following words... "This may be my worse looking superfractor in the collection."

  5. You’re not wrong, that’s pretty brutal for a 1/1. Still an awesome part of the collection. The 2018 photo is superb.