Sunday, May 17, 2020

Bargain shopping

In case you haven't noticed prices on 1980s baseball cards have been going bonkers lately.

Evidently with people being stuck at home and no sports, people are going down the nostalgia road aboard the crazy train.

Ever since it was announced that there would be a documentary about Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, prices on all the key rookie cards (in high PSA grades) from the 80s have nearly doubled in the past two months.

While others are spending hundreds of their dollars on stars from the 80s and 90s I have been bargain hunting more McCutchen cards.

This white parallel 2005 Bowman 1st Year card in a PSA9 slab was picked up very cheaply.
Only 225 copies of this parallel exist.
Overall, I am pretty happy to add this slabbed draft parallel to the PC for $8.50
Yup, for less than a Chipotle burrito, I grabbed this early Cutch card.

I talked about some McCutchen rookies I got a few days ago for only 38 cents a piece.

Keep enjoying those 1987 Jose Canseco cards folks.  I'm gonna keep grabbing cards like this while I can.

Now with all that said, I completely blew an opportunity to pick up a card I needed for my collection.
Damn I wish I grabbed this.


  1. That’s the worst! That /10 for $7 to boot. Hope another one pops up.

  2. Ugh, that's a bummer. Even if you had to pay double the bid price for that Tribute Cutch it would have been a bargain. But the Bowman white parallel is really nice. Win some, lose some. (And there's nine more out there..)

  3. Holy cow - great find on that Bowman. Congrats. That should lessen the sting of missing the jersey card.

    1. It does help, but I needed the jersey card and already had the 2005 white draft raw. Meh. Win some, lose some.

  4. It's truly insane what these two documentaries and this unique situation the world faces have done for our hobby. I LOVE IT. Hopefully some of these new collectors will stick around. The more the merrier.