Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day.  Were baseball being played today there would be a lot of players donning pink in their uniforms.
I have shown off a lot of these pink cards in the past as part of my Save Second Base events I do each year.  I just grabbed a sampling of cards from 2016-2017 to show off because I was looking for this card in that binder.
This is a 2017 Topps 30th anniversary, 1987 parallel.

1987 was the first set I remember completing as a kid.  My parents would buy me a pack everytime we went to a supermarket.

My mom and dad would help me organize the cards by team and I would put them into pages jamming as many of the same card into the same pocket as I could fit.
Even though there was maybe 5 or 6 Gary Carter cards stuffed into a single pocket of the page, the backs were left visible.  I learned how to read from baseball cards and they helped me with math.  I remember for show and tell I would bring in some of my favorite cards.  My mom helped me put together a poster board and we glued my favorite players onto it.

A lot of Dwight Goodens, Kent Tekulve, and Mike Greenwells were wasted in the process of that.

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  1. Without the support of my mom, I doubt I'd be collecting cards. Happy Mother's Day to her and all of the other moms out there.