Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Cardboard Cameo: Why So Serious?

I am so sick and tired of wearing a mask in public.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I could go food shopping without a mask.  It feels even longer that I could go to a clothing store, shop at the mall, visit my local card/comic shop, or even get excited about gathering in a large group like a concert or sporting event.

I had plans for going to Disney, seeing a couple home openers, going to a MCR reunion concert, and so many other things this year before everything went into a complete world lockdown.

I am getting anxious and want to have some fun again.

Something that I used to do on a fairly regularly basis was go see a movie at the local theatre.

I was thinking about this the other day because of the Austin Barnes card I posted with the Cutch cameo.  The reason I thought about that card and the movies is because I became aware of that card existing while I was waiting for The Joker to start.  I was in the theatre with only maybe a handful of other people and was passing time reading other blogs.  Once learning of the card, I immediately hit eBay looking for the pink parallel so I could squeeze it in for last year's SAVESECONDBASE event.

I recently found the mini version pink parallel from BrentandBecca and will show that off for this year's event, but will always associate that cameo card with the movie, The Joker.

As an origin story of the clown prince of crime, it was spectacular.  I loved the movie, but think it is kind of cool that I can always associate that card to the movie.

There are a few other baseball cards that I can remember exactly where I was when I won it or pulled the card.

When I see those cards I instantly have memories of events that went along with the card.

Let's put a smile on that face.
This 2019 Kyle Crick card could use a smile on his face.  Why, so serious?
There is an Andrew McCutchen name cameo on the back.

Do you ever think about a specific baseball card ties into something you did?


  1. I'm sick of wearing a mask in public, too. I only go to a convenience store once a week and haven't been to Target in months. Like you, I had a lot of plans this year - the National, Cooperstown, maybe the Hella Mega Tour. All the fun stuff has been cancelled/postponed but I still go to work every day and the in-laws are back to planning family events. Oh joy.
    The Mrs. and I saw the Heath Ledger Joker movie because she was a big fan of his but I didn't see the Joaquin Phoenix version. I can remember pulling certain cards but one that I was reminded of recently was a Ubaldo Jimenez Heritage RC. We took my wife's nieces to the mall and I picked up a pack of cards somewhere, which I opened at Johnny Rocket's. The girls were little and not at all interested in baseball but I showed it to them anyway because I thought they'd get a giggle out of a guy named you-baldo.

    1. I've been working every day since this all started. I'm over it.

      Ubaldo does have a fun name.

  2. I think I more remember where I was than anything I did. Finding a Pinnacle Epic McGwire in a pack outside CVS waiting for my mom to pick me up, or pulling a Chris Gomez autograph from a pack as I sat in a hot car outside Target...also waiting for my mom.

    Apparently waiting for my mom led to me pulling memorable cards.

    1. Hahaha! I guess I got lucky in that I never had to wait for my mom too long.

  3. We had a Disney trip in April that we had to cancel too. Really can't wait for a more normal life to resume.

  4. Lots of cards remind me of lots of times.

    The 1975 Topps Hank Aaron will always remind me of shoplifting the pack that I pulled that card from.

  5. Yup. I can't look at a 1986 Topps card without thinking about the time my friend and I went to Long's and I had her attempt to steal a box of cards for me. As for the mask thing... my only issue is that my flat nose doesn't hold up any of the masks I own... so they always slip... and then I have to pull it up... but I know that we should be touching them, so I feel self-conscious about doing it.