Sunday, May 31, 2020

My Mini Dodger Collection Gets a Nice Blue Addition

I don't collect Dodgers cards.

I don't even really have a lot of players on the Dodgers I like.

I do collect Andrew McCutchen cameo cards and that has lead me to save "Austin Barnes 2019 Topps" as a favorite in my daily eBay searches.

I am starting to get a nice "mini collection" of Dodgers cards with a Cutch cameo going and this card is the best example of it.

It is literally a mini that I added.
This 2019 Topps Mini is the blue parallel.  It is numbered to only 10 copies just under the Topps foil logo.  Blue parallels and Dodgers cards go really well together.

I also have the pink mini in hand which I will save for my October Event I do annually. 

I have also picked up the red parallel (numbered to only 5) but don't have it in hand yet due to all the COMC complications.

Do you have any PCs that involve a cameo of a player, team, logo?  Leave a comment down below.


  1. This is a MUST get for my Catcher Card there a PINK version for October?

    1. Yes. I have it in hand already and will be saving it for an October post.

  2. I know there is a card somewhere of Tino going into second base on a double play attempt, but can't remember what it is now.

  3. I'm sure there has to be at least one card of Gwynn, Henderson, or one of the other guys I collect that features them on another guy's trading card. But my mind is drawing a blank.