Friday, May 22, 2020

I Shall Call It A Mini Collection

I am a sucker for Cutch Pirates cards I don't own.
This includes cards of all shapes and sizes.  My number one card I want is a 5x7 Pepsi Refresh photo card given out at stadiums in 2010.

Other cards I am actively seeking are the early parallels of Cutch's flagship and Online Exclusive Topps Mini cards.
The gold parallel from 2012 Topps Mini was numbered to 61 copies.  That would be the equivalebt of the 2012 Topps standard release Black parallels.
Here is a scan of the two golds next to each other.  The standard size is numbered to the year (2012 in this case) while the mini is numbered to match the black flagship (61 in this case).

I will try and grab some more of these mini card parallels as they become available.

Of course in recent releases there are way more parallels to chase (blue, red, pink, platinum), but the older ones are getting pretty dried up and tough to find with each passing year.

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