Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Betts Around

So about two weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to be grabbing a Mookie Betts lot that basically becomes an instant player collection jumpstart.

I am VERY certain my Betts collection will NEVER get to the point of my Cutch collection, but it is off to a good start with a variety of base, inserts, and parallels.

First though I am going to show off my favorite Mookie card I own.
2014 Five Star Silver Ink Auto numbered to 50 copies.

Here is the stack of Betts cards I picked up
That is almost 150 Mookie Betts cards.

Now let's dive into it to check out some of the cards I got.
In 5 full seasons, Mookie has won 4 gold glove awards.  He also makes for some great cardboard with running catches.
This is an insert card I am already very familar with because Andrew McCutchen was part of the insert set too.  I dissected the 5 images of Cutch's card and what other Topps cards use those images here.

This is a selection of some of my favorite horizontal cards.
But this Peak Performers card from Optic is my absolute favorite from the group.
I think Panini could put Topps out of business if they ever got an official license.  Panini makes amazing cards.
I have fallen in love with 2018 Fire.  The inserts and foil parallels are stunning!!!
Vintage designs of one of the game's best current players.

Overall there was 98 unique cards in the lot that I added to my instant collection of Mookie.

His Cutch lot that allowed me to negotiate for the Betts lot had only 8 new cards for my collection, but I'll still happily add them.
The foil Baseball Stars of the Game is the base card.  I have a Transcendent 1/1 and two of the 5x7 size cards.
I had a couple of the parallels for the 2018 Big League Baseball, but not the base.
The silver pack 1984 mojo is awesome.  I want to get more of that rainbow.
The 2018 Update is the foilboard parallel.
2019 A&G Mini!!!
Legends in the Making 2018 Update black parallel
The Salute card is another that I have multiple parallels and the 5x7 online exclusives, but not the base.
And finally the 2020 Heritage Short Print
You can revisit that post here if you want to see how many doubles I grabbed to get these 8 cards.

Again, it also helped me negotiate for this lot of Betts cards.


  1. Nice Betts! That sounded kinda wrong ;)

  2. Awesome Five Star auto! I had a feeling your Betts lot would yield lots of great cards.

  3. I don’t think I knew you collected him. I’ll have to see what I have of his.

  4. 98 new Mookies is a nice haul. I might pop my Karate Kid dvd into my computer while I start building PWE's.