Monday, May 4, 2020

The (Evil) Empire Strikes Back

Last year on Star Wars Day, I featured A New Hope.  It was the 4th installment of the franchise series, but the first to be released.
@alexonthemic wore the movie poster on her chest quite nicely and was featured last year during my SaveSecondBase event.  You can revisit that post here if you want to be reminded about her again.

Following the 1977 release of A New Hope was my personal favorite of the franchise, The Empire Strikes Back.

This poster was designed by Ken Fitzgerald.

While it isn't an official poster design, this t-shirt worn by Meghan Fox is clearly from The Empire Strikes Back.  It features Darth Vader and has images of the frozen planet Hoth.
Meghan Fox was also featured last year as part of my SaveSecondBase Event.  You can revisit her post here.
Today's post will feature The Empire Strikes Back.

Jedi as a religion became official in the UK and like most of the rest of the world, they write their days as DD/MM/YY

Therefore every Star Wars day is celebrated in the rest of the world as 4/5.

Here is a Star Wars Day card worth celebrating.

I will begin with the 4/5 numbering.

Now I will show The (Evil) Empire known as the Yankees.

The Tier 1 autograph is on clear acetate and to wrap it all up, above is the card front

And here is the back, yet again reminding everyone that Andrew McCutchen was once part of The (Evil) Empire

Happy Star Wars Day and May The Forth (be with you)


  1. I think I need a Cutch Yankees auto. One day!

  2. ESB is my favorite movie in the original trilogy... and Hoth is my favorite planet.

  3. drop me an e-mail. I just pulled a Cutch (in Pirates garb) 1/1.

  4. The Cutch light saber bat made me chuckle at work and my manager asked me what I was laughing at. She figured it was a May the 4th meme - and she was right.