Tuesday, May 12, 2020

To Infinity and Beyond

About two weeks ago I talked about picking up some discounted 5x7 cards of Andrew McCutchen.

I always prefer the gold's of the 5x7s because they offer a slightly different look than the traditional size cards. 

The fact that they are gold and numbered to only 10 copies make them more appealing.
The size of these are huge compared to the traditional.


  1. I loved the look of these Infinite cards. I would have tried to get some signed if they weren’t so glossy.

    1. I was thinking the design really caters to IP autograph seekers. This card would look amazing with Cutch's signature right about his name and below his chin. My buddy would rub the area of the card before handing it to the player. Guess it helps prevent the ink from bubbling up on glossy cards.