Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Road To Opening Day?

Opening Day was supposed to have happened a few months ago.  We should be talking about the All-Star game candidates at this point.

We're not....

There are some legal and financial issues that the MLB Owners and MLBPA will try to work out over the next few weeks as they target a July 1st Opening Day.

Since 2017, Topps has produced on demand Topps Now style cards called Road To Opening Day.  Team lots are available and depending on how the team has done you can receive bonus cards to highlight no hitters, cycles, 1st place finishes, etc.
There are also autograph parallels that can be had if you purchase an autograph team set.  Generally teams have 3 autograph subjects per team.  By buying into the autograph subject team set you also get a color parallel of a member of the team.

I have had a long time relationship with eBay seller known as Twinsjake.  I buy a lot of my online exclusive/on demand cards from him and messaged him about trying to get some of the color parallels of Cutch if he got any in his many shipments of the 2020 Road to Opening Day Phillies sets.

Fortunately for me Jake hit me up and offered me a pair of color McCutchen numbered to 5 (orange) and 10 (red) respectively.
I would still like to get the blue version numbered to 49 copies and of course the gold numbered to 1.

What are you most looking forward to if there is in fact a baseball season this year?


  1. Nice card!

    I’m looking forward to Gerrit Cole’s debut.

  2. I wouldn't put it past Manfred and the other greed-mongers to kick off the shortened season with some kind of a half-assed All-Star game, in an obvious PR pandering job.

    How can they have All-stars if there hasn't been a season as yet, you ask? They will rationalize a way.

    1. I think it's a bad idea to have an All-Star Game because it would require unnecessary travel, and if someone is infected it could spread to other teams. But I don't think you need to have started the season to have an All-Star Game. It's not the All-Having The Best Year Game. I think too much emphasis is put on the current year in selecting those teams anyway.

  3. I wanna see if the A's are able to compete with the Astros... and how they hold up against the upgraded Angels. Also excited to see which 2019 rookies manage to avoid the sophomore slump.

    1. Well it's almost June and Pete Alonso still hasn't hit a HR yet.

  4. Officially, it has ALWAYS been about who was having the best year so far. (Of course, unofficially it's who has the biggest name.)