Monday, September 25, 2017

Black cards matter

With the PC world we live in today, I was really debating if my title might offend someone as I show off a new card for my PC.

I  hope it doesn't.

You see words can have different meanings.
PC to the general public can mean something different to us card collectors.

Actions can have different meanings too.

My favorite athletes for baseball and football are both black men.  I respect the  lives that they lead to become some of the most accomplished Pittsburgh athletes of all time.  Both Andrew McCutchen and Jerome Bettis, to the best of my knowledge, have never done anything to cause controversy from a political statement.

My favorite sports teams wear black and yellow.  The Steelers will no doubt be making lots of news today regarding their actions yesterday.  I thought if I should voice my opinion on the matter.  Maybe that's where the yellow comes in.  While I disagree with the statement made, I will not go into politics.

This  post will not be about politics.
I will not discuss my feelings about the Steelers withdrawal from the National Anthem
Nor will I discuss what our president has said recently.

No, this post will be about me acquiring a black whale of a card.  I love this country because I am allowed to love tiny pieces of cardboard with grown men on it.  Think about how weird that sounds.  It's pretty fricking weird.  And yet in America, I can FREEly say it.  It's acceptable.

This country is GREAT!  It's not a matter of again, it's always been great.

Ok, I did get into a little bit of a political soapbox.  Let's get back to the cardboard...

I finally snagged this sweet black parallel from 2014 Topps.  The black parallels always seem to be tough to track down once the initial two weeks after release occurs.  I know some people collect the black parallel rookie cards for their PCs and I am sure there are some set builders out there.

Earlier in the year I showed all my 2014 Topps parallels.
I'm not sure if the semi low numbering has something to do with the rarity of these cards on the secondary market, but these haven't been popping up very often.

I am so relieved to finally cross this off the list.

On a side note, I have finally signed up for Beckett to keep track of my Cutch cards.  It should help me identify cards I need in addition to my Google Sheet which keeps track of everything I have.


  1. Looks great! Congrats on the pickup.

  2. Great addition. Catchy post title too :)

  3. Black (bordered) cards do matter! Especially... black refractors. They're sweet!