Sunday, September 24, 2017

Some miniature savings

I get so confused with what minis I need and what ones I have based solely on memory.  The regular standard size cards I can look at and instantly say yup I have it or Ohhhhhh I need that.

For whatever reason I always have to cross reference my spreadsheet for the minis.  There was recently a 2011 Gypsy Queen sepia mini numbered 1/99 listed but with Allen & Ginter in title.

I checked my spreadsheet and saw that I didn't have this one.  I also checked my Gypsy Queen mini post earlier in the year to verify.

The card was listed as an auction with 99 cents opening bid and a buy it now $4.99.  I contemplated hitting the B-I-N but chose to let it end naturally as an auction.

6 days passed.

I was the only bidder as seconds ticked down towards zero.

A little bit of patience saved me $4.
And now I have this mini in hand with some miniature savings.

How often do you see something with just a fraction of price between auction and B-I-N and just naturally go towards the B-I-N instead of trying to save the extra few bucks with the risk?


  1. It's a good strategy. I've had it go both ways. I've had a few cards blow past the BIN price that I should have scooped up.

  2. If the BIN price is lower than most completed sales, I'll just buy it. Otherwise... I'll take my chances and go up against other collectors.