Friday, September 8, 2017

Blockbuster trade at the deadline

Last Thursday was the last day teams could trade players to get them available for the postseason.  It was also the day that a blockbuster trade was finalized between everyone's favorite Pirates collector and the blogging world's biggest Andrew McCutchen collector.

I'm sure Matt will show off his end of the deal in the future, but I couldn't wait to show mine off.

This was the main card I wanted

A 2012 Tier One Crowd Pleasers Silver Ink Signature card numbered to 10.  I had the blue ink auto numbered to 50, but really wanted this one for the collection.

Next up, a sweet booklet

This card escaped me a few times back in 2013 when it was released and with two players and only 5 in existence, it quickly became tough to find.

Closing things out we got the beautiful PNC Park with 3 Unity Relics each numbered to only 9 copies.

I'm happy we were finally able to work out a deal Matt.  I'm hoping you enjoyed the cards I sent you.


  1. That's gotta be tough to trade cool cards between 2 that collect the same team. Don't think I could let go any of my Giants or Griffeys

  2. Glad we were able to get the deal done. I went to the post office near my house to pick up the package you sent but they didn't have it. Probably moved it to the main post office in my town. I left a note for my mail lady to see if she can figure out where they left it. Usually she is pretty good about leaving packages for me even if they need a signature. Little disappointed she didn't do that this time.

    1. Keep me posted. I put delivery signature and insurance on it. Hopefully it arrives to you safely soon.

  3. Those three Triple Threads Unity relics put together are really cool. I tried building a trio with A's, but never completed it. Maybe one day I will.