Monday, September 18, 2017

The First On Card Autograph since 2012

It has been years since fans were given ON CARD autographs by Cutch.  5 years in fact.

If you remember I recently showed all my certified autographs (125 at the time).  This is the 4th autograph I have added since that post.

2017 Immaculate delivered a handful of on card autographs with jersey patches.  Literally a handful.

Numbered to only 5 copies these on card, logo patch cards feature a throwback uniform wearing McCutchen.

The back of the card highlights how clutch Cutch is late in games.

There are several other Cutch autos in 2017 Immaculate and I will be looking to add them.


  1. Five years?! That's crazy to think that it's been that long, especially for such a major star. I guess Panini has done at least one thing right in 2017.

    1. Both Topps and Panini have been using sticker autos (and very few of them) of Cutch for the past five years. I'm not sure if it was excess inventory they had or if it was how he preferred to sign the cards.

  2. Damn. Five years is long time to wait for an on-card autograph. Hopefully Topps will follow Panini's lead and give you some nice on-card autos in their 2018 products.