Thursday, September 14, 2017

Cutch hits #200!!!! Gotta See This Post

Andrew McCutchen hit his 200th career Home Run yesterday.

Congrats to Greg at PlaschkeThySweaterIsArgyle.  You will be receiving the Bob Gibson auto sometime next week.  Drawing for the Raines for the 3 pimps will be at end of post.

Once Andrew reached 190 I knew he would be able to hit the 200 mark before the season was up.  Cutch often has hot and cold streaks over the course of a season.  He only connected for 1 HR in August, but has hit two in the past three games.  I drafted this post on August 8th and hadn't updated it until today.

Only 3 Pirates have more homeruns than Cutch in a Pirates uniform and they are ALL in the Hall of Fame and ALL have their number retired.
The 3 players are
Willie Stargell (475 Hr in 7927 AB)
Ralph Kiner (301 Hr in 3913 AB)
Roberto Clemente (240 HR in 9454 AB)

It is possible that if Cutch stays another full season with the Bucs he could pass Clemente on the list, but that's unlikely with his contract up after next year.

How can I celebrate #200 for Cutch though?

How about if I show off 200 of my favorite Cutch cards?  Well...they might not be my favorite Cutch cards.  They are some of my rarer ones though with my favorites mixed in.

I ran a contest for my top 10 which can be seen here.  (A few of you never emailed your addresses so I still have prize packages for you.  Email me bstryker81 AT Gmail DOT com to claim your prizes)

Here are 200 cool Cutch cards that I own.  I hope you enjoy.

First up all 156 1/1s in the collection.
(Update: since the original draft I have added 9 more 1/1s)
Even if it's a gimmicky blank back or printing plate, a 1/1 will always be highly sought after for me.  I have learned to control what I pay for some and that is why so many plates are available on the secondary market.  $40 is my max for a regular size plate.

When composing the 200 list, I decided to utilize all of my 1/1s.  That means only 44 non 1/1s would be included.  If you've seen my collection grow over the years that doesn't leave a lot of room.

So shall we begin?  Let's begin with
The Letters
Up first, the boxtopper and my #1 favorite card.
Next the nameplate using letters from various jerseys in a custom case.
Some extra letters...

Next the buttons.

The Logoman & Majestic Logos and some All-Star booklets

The Bat Knob

The Bat Barrel

The Printing Plates (more are coming too...)

The Red Borders/Ice/Glossy/Parallel Colors/etc.

The HBP Milestone Homeruns 1/1s

The Vault Blank Backs

The pack inserted and Artist Proof Sketch Cards

The Superfractors

Wow!!!! That's impressive to look at above.

Next up...

Some nasty looking patches (some with autographs), booklets, and very low numbered pre Cutch rookies and some low numbered Cutch rookies.

Only one of these goes towards the 200

My favorite on card Cutch autograph in my collection

Some All-Star Patches

 And to finish out, a very nice looking Pirates booklet that I wish had the Jolly Roger sleeve patch behind Cutch also.

With the exception of the All-Star laundry tags, none of my other 6 tags got scanned.  Some cards on here are appearing for the first time on the blog.  I will have posts about some of them in the future to spotlight them a little more.

As you guys probably have figured out my collection grows on a weekly basis.  I didn't have time to truly update this post as more and more cards came in.  I originally wrote this post on August 8th and between life and the number of cards that have arrived in the past month, I just haven't had time.

Now for the Rock Raines card being randomed off for the 3 pimps that shared my contest.

Sport Cards Collectors, you are the winner.  Send me an email to verify your address is still what I have on file.

A few people still have not emailed me their addresses from the last contest.  If you entered the top 10 and have not received a runner up package please email bstryker81 AT Gmail DOT com

I realize this wasn't a true top 200 and that it was rushed and not finished.  I'm sorry for that if you want a true ranking.

Do you guys like these massive card posts?
Should I make a separate tab at the top of the blog for Autographs, Printing Plates, Patches, booklets, etc?  I got a lot of people that commented how they liked the 125 Autographs I showed off.

As always thanks for reading the blog and God Bless!

UPDATE: Cutch will be receiving a Topps Now card commemorating this exclusive group of Pirates Sluggers.

I took these images from TwinsJake's eBay listing which I just won with a best offer of $5.50

I will spotlight the card when it arrives.


  1. I remember chasing a few of these. The Cole/Cutch dual auto was one I really wanted but it just hasn't popped up. I haven't seen one of those Stargell/Cutch dual bat cards in a long time either.

  2. Wow, your collection is ridiculous. I might only have 150 cards total in my biggest PC, and you've got that many 1/1's of your player.

  3. Wow. I am massively jealous of your Cutch collection. Wow. Wished my Giants, Griffey or Hampton was this impressive.

    Yes, my address is the same. Thanks for the contest and the Raines :)

  4. Speechless. Wait. Congratulations Greg! Restart being speechless.

  5. Dang!!! Truly amazing collection of cards you have there! So many awesome cards, but I have to agree with you on your favorite. Love all the patches!