Wednesday, September 13, 2017

My First 2017 Autograph

I did it. I added another unique auto to the collection.  It's a beauty too.

Numbered 2/5 this on "eye black" card from 2017 Immaculate features a gold ink auto AND a swatch from the Jolly Roger sleeve.

There's several different versions of Cutch autos in 2017 that I am currently chasing.  I got a monster coming sometime soon.

The back of the card is a small resume of his career achievements.

This is unique autograph #128 in the collection.  I have 3 more coming in.

If you missed the first 125, check them out here.
#126 was traded to me by fellow Pirates collector BobWalkThePlank
#127 I showed off with my current contest (a few dates remain I believe if you want to get in for 2017)


  1. When I first heard he was going to sign a few cards I knew you would be all over them. Congrats on the additions. I may try to grab one with some saved eBay bucks down the road.

  2. Cool auto! Is the "eye black" part a sticker-type-of-thing, or is the signature on-card?

    1. The auto was signed on top of the peel off eye black you see players wear these days then adhered to the card. It's basically a sticker auto in concept, but way better looking.

  3. That's the second beautiful "non-logo" autograph I've seen in the past 20 minutes. Awesome card!

  4. Hey, this is bj_2_justin. I can't talk offline deals on eBay. My email is