Thursday, September 7, 2017

Players I Should Hate but Can't: Rizzo my nizzle

Here's another new segment I came up with as I am trying different ways to show off Cutch cardboard.

Anthony Rizzo plays on a division rival team and in the normal sports fandom world I should hate him simply for that reason.

But I can't!  The guy hits homeruns for children with cancer.

I love me some Anthony Rizzo (he's been on every fantasy league team I have since 2013) even when he's getting a walk in the 9th inning of a tie game and being the reason why the Cubs beat the Pirates.

I should hate him, but I can't.   He helps with marriage proposals.

He has a career slash line of .312/.403/.591 with 23 HR and 78 RBI in 99 career games versus Pittsburgh.

I should hate him, but I can't.  He's just too likable to hate.

Over the next few months I will highlight more Players I Should Hate.

What players on division rivals do you actually root for?


  1. It's appropriate that Rizzo should make this list for you, since McCutchen would definitely make my version!

  2. He's a Cub - easy to hate if you ask me.

  3. I actually like all the Cubs position players once they cut Montero. The pitchers are a different story, especially Lackey.

    I'm a huge fan of Votto because I actually think he is a fun asshole. Him trolling adults that beg for baseballs cracks me up. Also enjoy Keon Broxton because he looks like he has actual fun playing baseball.

    1. My next post is already in the process of being written and it is focused on Votto. I LOVE Keon Broxton!!!! He was awesome when I met him in minors. Hated to see that trade because I had a small Trey Supak PC and because I thought Broxton could be better than Polanco if given enough ABs.

  4. Its Cutch for this Cubs fan, too. Neil Walker as well. And there could probably be a case made for why I should dislike Dexter Fowler now, but I don't think I ever will.

    1. You can't hate Dex. He won the Wild Card game for you in 2015 and got things started in the World Series in 2016.

      Thanks for not hating on Cutch and Walker :)

  5. As an A's fan...
    Angels - Trout (not really... but he's fun to watch)
    Astros - Altuve, Reddick, and Keuchel
    Mariners - Iwakuma, Hernandez, and Alonso
    Rangers - Andrus and Beltre

    As a Padres fan...
    Diamondbacks - Goldschmidt (not really... but he's fun to watch)
    Dodgers - Kershaw, Gonzalez, Maeda, and Darvish
    Giants - Posey, Panik, and Bumgarner
    Rockies - Nobody