Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Happy Roberto Clemente Day!!!

I almost forgot about this until I heard Clint Hurdle do an interview on XM radio.

I've shown off a bunch of Roberto Clemente cards on here before which you can see by clicking this link.  So far all my Heritage Comparisons have been with Clemente and Cutch.

Andrew McCutchen has a lot of hardware and trophies in his cases at home, but one that he said he is exceptionally proud of is winning the Roberto Clemente Award in 2015.  It doesn't matter what you do on the field, it matters what you do to people's lives.

In case you missed one of my earlier posts this year I showed off this photo variant of Clutch with the Roberto Clemente Award.  This is by far my favorite photo variant I own of Cutch.


  1. Fun but useless fact I beaned Andrew Mccutcheon when he was a freshman at Ft Meade High school.