Saturday, September 9, 2017

Want a HOF autograph? Enter my contest for a chance

Earlier last month I began quickly writing a post showing off my top 200 cards of Cutch in anticipation of his 200th career homerun.

I will still highlight my top 200 eventually, but thought a contest was in order for it.

Cutch hit career homerun #100 off Yovani Gallardo of the Brewers on September 3, 2013.

He has been at career homerun #198 since August 8th.  After belting 8 homeruns and winning Player of the Month award for July 2017, Cutch has started to get cold again batting .222 with a .283 slugging percentage for the month of August.

So here's the contest I am deciding to run:

What date do you think Cutch will hit career home run #200?

Leave a comment below with the date he will hit HomeRun #200 for his career (currently at 198).

If you've entered my contests before you know I tend to give away Hall of Fame quality items to the winners.  This contest will be no different. If you guess correctly you will win this Bob Gibson autograph. Yup, the man that changed the pitching rules in baseball because he was so good.  You could win his autograph if you guess correctly.

I'm all about second chances and runner up prizes so here's something extra going in the ring. In the event that the correct date isn't guessed PRIOR to hitting his 200th career homer, I am offering up this Tim "Rock" Raines autograph.

This Raines autograph will definitely be going to someone.  All you have to do for a chance for this is leave a comment with the date you think Cutch hits #200 AND share this contest on your blog.

If you guess incorrectly, but share this contest prior to #200 you will still have a chance for a Hall of Fame auto.  Simple, right?

All participants must enter prior to #200 being hit.  Remember, Cutch has had 3 games in his career where he has hit 3 homers in a game.  He's had a few multihomer games too.

Visit for the Pirates remaining schedule this year to place your guesses.
Again all entries must be made prior to Cutch hitting his MLB career homerun #200.


Now to show off another Cutch auto I recently received (#127 in the collection with more on the way)

Jumbo Bat booklet /5 from 2016 National Treasures


  1. Replies
    1. Pirates have an off day that day.

    2. Yeah, but if rain forces a makeup on that date and he hits it, how cool will Commishbob look?

      I'll say he gets his mojo back against Milwaukee and pick Sept. 14.

    3. Off by one day! Was so looking forward to rooting for it to happen tonight. Oh, well, congrats Greg/Plaschke. Thanks CC for the contest.

  2. I will say the 26th vs the O's. I almost said next year in 2018 but I think he will find a way to hit 2 more this month

    1. I pimped via Twitter

  3. Replies
    1. You know I'm a pimp.

  4. Replies
    1. pimped:

  5. I'll take the last day of the season - Oct 1st.

  6. Sunday the 17th versus the Reds. His 2nd homer of the day...

  7. I'll say tonight, September 12. Thanks for the contest!