Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cardboard Cameos #2: The Bell keeps Ringing

Josh Bell preserved his rookie status this season by only having 147 official at bats last year.  The Pirates did this intentionally so that he could compete for the Rookie of the Year.  Many thought at season's beginning that it would be Dansby Swanson's to lose.

Well they were right as Swanson has been substandard.  However it was a Dodgers rookie who is the clear cut favorite to win Rookie of the Year.  Cody Bellinger has the award locked down having crushed 36 HomeRuns and driving in 82 for the Hollywood franchise.

Elsewhere in Pittsburgh is a dreaded first baseman that NO ONE is talking about nationally.  Josh Bell, the second round talent that broke the CBA draft rules, is crushing the ball albeit for a no contender team.  With his HomeRun yesterday Bell has now surpassed Chipper Jones for most HRs by a switch hitter rookie in the National League.  His 24th blast on the year has also pushed him closer to 80 RBI on the season.

So while everyone is talking about the great year that Bellinger is having, let's not forget that IN PITTSBURGH there is a rookie putting up really good numbers.

.264 avg/ .343OBP 82 RBI 24HR

.270avg /.349 OBP 82 RBI 36HR

Cutch is amused ever so slightly that the Dodgers get all the attention.


  1. Replies
    1. I loved that card and loved that moment. I feel that as Pirates fans we were cheated of some awesome moments from 2013-2015 that would have been great Topps Now cards.

  2. If Josh could play against the Cubs every day, he'd make Bellinger look like Mendoza! Seriously - the Bell is ringing clearly in our division for the foreseeable future.

    1. Of course he goes 0-3 today because you said that.

  3. Kyle Freeland of the Rockies has been having a good rookie season as well, although his last few outings haven't been so good. In many seasons he'd be a real ROY candidate (and he could still make a run with a big September).

    1. I was playing the waiver claim switch up with Freeland for most of season for my fantasy league. I'm in a league with no penalties for waiver claims so I was picking him up and dropping him every 5th day for about 2 months until someone else picked him up and has stuck with him since