Sunday, February 11, 2018

USA Pride!!!

With the winter Olympics fully underway now, it's time for our nation to take pride in our countrymen as we watch them compete in sports we didn't know we cared to root for.

USA Pride!!!!

Here's an old photo of Cutch in his early teen years playing for Team USA.  I purchased the signed photo from eBay.


  1. Nice find! Do you know what tournament this was for? And what's "Diamond Club?"

    1. Not sure what tournament it was for, but Diamond Club is a baseball academy. More info can be found at

  2. You can never go wrong with picking up a card (or signed photo) of your favorite player representing our country's colors.

    As for the Olympics, I'm not a huge fan of the Winter stuff. But I did get a chance to see the Gerard secure USA's first gold medal. Truly incredible run.

  3. I don't watch any of the Olympics. Not my thing. But cool card