Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A Big Addition

I recently came across a seller who had really good discounts on 5x7 Topps products.  I don't buy all the releases of McCutchen for their 5x7 products, but do like the idea of any vintage designs in the 5x7 format with McCutchen.
My plan is to one day get them all individually framed and put on a wall.

Does anyone have any oversized cards framed in their card caves?


  1. I don't. I should. I have a few of the 5x7s and they sit awkwardly in boxes.

  2. I don't have any framed, but I do have my 1967 Topps Poster of Bert Campaneris in a top loader hanging up in my office.

  3. I have an oversized card in my COMC purchased inventory that I'm 100% planning to put into a frame when I eventually get it in hand. Can't wait!