Wednesday, April 8, 2020

We mustn't dwell. No not today. Not on Rex Manning Day

Last year I wrote about Rex Manning Day and how cursed Cutch's performance at the plate is on that day.  You can revisit that post here.

I focused that post on giving some background information on Rex Manning Day and the actor Maxwell Caulfield, who played Rex Manning.

I will continue to celebrate Empire Records and Rex Manning Day every April 8th.  Each year I will discuss one character from that 90s cult classic movie.

Today I will focus on the character Mark, played by Ethan Embry.  Embry is known for having major roles in coincidently 2 of my favorite 90s films

Mark from Empire Records

He also played Preston Meyers in Can't Hardly Wait

The character Mark was a base for how my midteen years were.

Like Mark I was in a band.
I listened to Gwar.
I dyed my hair blonde.
I wore ringer shirts.
I had a metal chain I wore around my neck.

Ethan's character definitely helped influence my physical appearance.

In 1995 when Empire Records came out I was only 14 and liked the goofiness of Ethan's character.  He was fun and likable by everyone despite having different tastes in music than other mainstream acts.

My absolute favorite scene in the movie is when "Warren" tries to steal a few CDs and Mark screams (with his voice cracking) SHOPLIFTER!!!!

Ethan was only a few years older than me (he was born in 1978) when I became aware of his acting career.

In 2018 Topps produced an online exclusive set based loosely on the 1978 design.  Within each box there were multiple autograph subjects and color parallels to chase.

I was able to secure the red autograph numbered to 10 copies over a year ago.
One of the best quotes from Mark in Empire Records is "We mustn't dwell. No not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning Day."

Cutch is 6 for 37 in his career on Rex Manning Day.  Good thing we aren't dwelling.

Are you a fan of Empire Records?
If so who is your favorite character?


  1. I'm a fan. Lucas was always my favorite.

  2. I honestly don't think I've ever seen it. Maybe I'll add it to my quarantine list.

  3. What's with today, today?

    So I guess I know what I'll be watching tonight, thanks for the reminder.

  4. Never seen it. But who doesn't enjoy movies involving record stores?