Monday, April 13, 2020

Cutch 22 Pickup

My latest Cutch22 card came in the mail over the weekend and I absolutely LOVE this card.

Between watching multiple seasons of Community, updating my Cutch PC, and ripping open half a box of 2019 X-Files: UFOs and Aliens I have been taking things very easy and lazy.

Despite adding nearly 70 new autographs to my collection and updated on my spreadsheet, I am really enjoying these  Cutch22 cards (cards numbered 22/xx).  With Cutch appearing in less and less products these days I will continue to focus on adding these serial number cards to the collection.


  1. That's a cool extra element to collect. I like the green as well.

  2. I discovered Community a year or two ago. It's one of those shows (like Bob's Burger & The Office) that I'll put on while sorting cards.