Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A New Top 10 Card in the Collection

I haven't bought a lot of cards from Twitter, but the ones I have are all quite impressive.

They are all 1 of 1s.

I have had this card in my possession for nearly 2 months waiting to show it off on the blog today, Jackie Robinson Day.

That is the patch worn by Andrew McCutchen on Jackie Robinson Day April 15, 2018.

The card also features an on card autograph.

And it features the MLB Authentication sticker to verify it is game used.

My only gripe with the card is the picture used is not from that game the patch was worn.

Topps already paid Getty Images for the rights to the picture below because it was used on the 2019 Topps Gypsy Queen photo variant.
Here is the photo variant front
I know we all get on Topps for recycling the same images, but a nice cropped shot like this would have really brought the card together more.
Or personally I think this image would have been even better
Despite the mismatched photo to relic I am still incredibly happy to add this to my collection. It has landed itself into the top 10 cards of my collection and is only my 3rd Twitter purchase.

My 1st Twitter purchase was a 1/1 bat barrel nameplate from 2019 Topps Museum that featured Cutch in his new Phillies uniform.

My 2nd Twitter purchase was literally a white whale purchase.

This 2011 Topps Triple Threads printing plate autograph/relic card is marked as a white whale on the back.

This is my 3rd Twitter purchase and I still can't believe I was able to get it.

Thanks again to RBICRU7 for posting the card and for @mycards79 for selling it.

Do you use Twitter to buy cards?

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  1. That 42 patch card is awesome! Happy jackie robinson day!

  2. I have not bought cards on Twitter but that card is AMAZING! Congrats on adding it to the Cutch collection.

  3. Really really nice card. No, not on Twitter.

  4. Wowza. That might be my favorite Cutch card of yours. And nope... never used Twitter to purchase cards. I barely use Twitter in general.

  5. That's a gorgeous card. It is a shame the pic doesn't show him wearing 42, but at least the only legible digit is a 2 so it's less obvious that it doesn't fit.

    I don't have a Twitter account. I do read Twitter to see what's going on in the card-collecting world and occasionally get info about an eBay coupon or something, but I couldn't buy a card via Twitter even if I saw one I wanted. (I did see a Sigs For Soldiers card I thought was worth buying once, but I didn't have any way to buy it, which is a shame.)

  6. Man, that Jackie Robinson card is SWEET!

    Congrats on acquiring that card.

  7. So awesome. A new Top 10 is saying something!

  8. That card is awesome! Congrats!