Friday, April 17, 2020

Trying to organize, but failing

I have been trying to get my Google Sheets document up to date, spending about an hour on it for the past week each night.  It is a daunting task as I have 6 boxes of cards to sort by year and catalog.  While going through them last night on Twitter, Topps posted the cardboard dictionary of a 1/1 and asked fans to show off some of their 1/1s.

I only grabbed some of my Topps 1/1s of Cutch.  I grabbed some of my favorites and sprinkled them in with some of the cards I was trying to update into my PC catalog of cards.

No Panini, Tristar, Just Minors, Leaf, or Upper Deck cards were posted in the shot.

Just Topps.

Yeah, I have a few, I guess.
It was impossible to fit all my printing plates and Topps Vault and assorted parallel 1/1s on the table.

I couldn't even get all the extra 1/1 letters so I used them as props to hold up my favorite card.

2018 Archives Active Player Signature had a lot of buyback 1/1 autographs of Cutch.  I ised them as part of the back drop but also wanted to show off some Ginter Woods, auto printing plates from Cutch's rookie season, and a Transcendent Superfractor in the picture too.  There's at least a dozen cards in this shot that I never showed off before.

This shot shows off SOME of the Superfractors.  These are the more colorful ones.  In 2018 Topps made a chrome version of their Stadium Club cards which in turn also included Superfractors.  I have both the 2018 & 2019 Superfractor from Stadium Club Chrome, but they don't pop the way other Supers do.  Some of these are being shown for the first time ever.

I have a few of the original arts used to produce the Topps Gallery products.  By far my favorite is by Mayumi Seto.  It's not because it's my favorite take on Cutch (that distinction actually belongs to Louise Draper).  I chose to show off the Seto because I fear that I will never see a Topps Living Set card produced of Cutch.  

Here is a pile of 1/1 parallels from various Topps releases ranging from Archives to Tribute to Topps Minis.  

This is a stack of just my magenta plates behind the 2011 Diamond Embedded card and laundry tag card.  Some of these will be shown off during my October event.

Behind Cutch's laundry tag jersey card from his 1st All-Star Game is a stack of random Cutch printing plates.

There's a few nice ones in here that I haven't shown off yet.  
One day....
One day I will....


  1. Wow. This is such an incredible collection.

  2. I think you've pretty much killed the theory that player-collecting, when compared to set- or team-collecting, cuts down on storage issues.

  3. love that ginter cabinet card, always wanted one

  4. Holy hell that's a lot of hits! How come you're not as famous as the Canseco collector?

    1. I don't do nearly the same amount of social media presence as Tanner (assuming that's the Canseco collector you speak of since there is about 3 who have/had large collections in the thousands of unique cards.) Tanner has made a few cards for me in the past year and his book is amazing and inspiring. It may be difficult to believe after seeing the pictures, but I have actually slowed down collecting this year.

      The supercollector that are well known (Canseco, Boggs, Texeira, Brunnel) all work very hard at their craft to promote their sites. I don't.

      Plus Cutch is over shadowed by many others in the game today and played the majority of his career for a team most sports fans forgot existed for two decades. Canseco was part of 3 teams that went to the World Series and was the 1st 40/40 player in the game.

      I am content with the current lack of fame my collection has.