Thursday, August 13, 2020

A Fresh Faced Former Fish

The Philadelphia Phillies announced today that they are bringing up their top hitting prospect and MLB's #31 overall prospect, Alec Bohm, to make his debut today.
Bohm was the Phillies first round selection in the 2018 MLB Draft, when he was selected 3rd overall.
I only have a trio of Alec Bohm cards which I picked up at a local mall card show last year in a dime box.  
I typically don't look into dime boxes too much because they often require more work in searching than I have interest in.
This seller had his dime boxes grouped by year though and I was searching looking for some Pirates goodness to add to my collection.  
This card stood out because of the pink bat, which I was thinking "Hey that could be cool for an October post"
But when I saw more Bohm cards, "I was like what's the worse that happens? I give them to Brad? It's only a dime."

So I purchased all three
And coincidently, Alec Bohm, a former Clearwater Thresher is getting the call up for his MLB debut in the middle of Shark Week.


I think not.  

With the Pirates season being a complete joke, I'm really pulling for the Phillies to make a good run into September and make a push for the playoffs.  Let's hope the other former sharks (Threshers) on the team can rally around Bohm.


  1. Those Heritage cards look really nice.

  2. Former Thresher making his debut during Shark Week. It's amazing stuff like that that keeps up coming back.

    Good Job! 👍

  3. I love dime boxes with rookie cards of familiar names. Hope he ends up making it big.