Saturday, August 22, 2020

I Love You 3,000

I have finally hit my milestone of 3,000 unique Andrew McCutchen cards.

It has been a wild 10+ year collecting journey.

To steal a line from the greatest superhero movie of All-Time

It is almost perfect that my 3,000th card is represented by this

You may be thinking, I've seen that card half a dozen times on the blog before. That's not new.

Ever hear the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover?"

That's what is going on with this card.
This card is the 2010 Topps Pirates Team Set card sold only at PNC Park and surrounding areas.

The Pirates lost 105 games in 2010.  To say they were terrible would be an understatement.

That being said I went to Pittsburgh on 3 seperate occassions that year to cheer on the Buccos, but I not once bought the team set because of a few reasons.
1)I had just started considering myself a collector again in 2009
2)I didn't know that those blister team sets had different numbering or sometimes different photos (I was such a noob)
3)The Pirates were terrible that year
4)My "local born" pitcher (Charlie Morton) wasn't listed in the set
5)The Pirates were terrible 

So I didn't consider buying it.

Fast forward half a decade and it's on my list of cards I need for my "growing PC of Andrew McCutchen".  

It was never a huge want or need, but it was always on the radar if one ever became available.  

I couldn't find any sealed sets.

I couldn't find any singles.

This card never appeared for sale on COMC.  

A quick search on worthpoint and I see no sales of this single being sold.  

It may just be a simple basic card found in a $7 blister team set sold at PNC Park during the worse year in franchise history to many people (this year's team is giving them a run for the worse winning percentage ever though), but this card completes another milestone in my collecting journey.

Thank you all for reading this blog and following me on Twitter.  This has been a very fun journey over the past decade when I proudly said I had 5 cards numbered 1/1 and am now approaching 300 1/1s and can proudly say that I own

3,000 unique cards of Andrew McCutchen
Thank You!!!!!


  1. Thrilled for you! Love following along your Cutch collecting. Good luck on the next milestone!

    1. Well I'm already at 3,001 so what's the next milestone?

  2. Congratulations, what an amazing accomplishment!

  3. I said it once but it deserves a second, congrats!

  4. Amazing! Congratulations on 3,000!

  5. Wow, 3,000 unique cards of one player... that's crazy! Congratulations on the accomplishment.

  6. Hey Congrats! Such a wonderful accomplishment. Amazing.

  7. Congratulations! Very cool rookie card. Didn't realize Topps did this (special numbering) for teams sets back in 2010.

  8. Congrats! You need to update your blog banner! ;)