Wednesday, August 5, 2020

A New Cutch22 and complaint about technology

I haven't posted in a week and am trying to figure out to work around this "upgraded" version of blogger on my phone.  

I am not a fan.

I have no clue how to quickly access drafts using tags or how to add tags to my posts as I am drafting them.  This frustrates me as I have hundreds (Yes you read that correctly) of rough drafts ready to go when an event may pop up.  

This technology is not helping me show off my collection of Cutch.

This 2019 Topps Tek was purchased last November and I have had it saved for awhile as a draft, but I have no idea where it is on the new blogger loading screen.
I rescanned it to show this purple parallel numbered 22/99


  1. This is 💯💯💯💯💯 must fix before 10/1/20.

  2. I was trapped on the lame new Blogger layout for a while, but eventually noticed a "go back to Classic Blogger" link, and happily went back to normal. So maybe look for one of those if you haven't yet. Not sure if it's the same for mobile version.

  3. I’m still ha going onto old blogger until blogger goes totally away at some point.

  4. I bit the bullet and made the switch... but it's not because I like the new interface. I just figured I better get used to it. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping Blogger allows people the option to continue using the legacy version.

  5. I hope legacy can continue as well. This new one is awful