Thursday, August 6, 2020

Cross Another Off The Want List

I am attempting to figure out this new blogger format. Please let me know if anything doesn't look right.

Last year I listed some cards that I claimed were some of my top wants for the coming years.  Among them was a 2010 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor /50.

Well, you can cross another off the want list.

I recently picked up this 2010 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor /50 off eBay.  It was listed for $20 BIN or best offer.  I wasn't going to mess around with negotiating for it to save a few bucks and immediately clicked the Buy-It-Now.


  1. Awesome! The card is sweet. The card back is much bigger than the front and extends into your sidebar. The new blogger format for inserting pictures is terrible. The person or group that designed it should be imprisoned.

  2. That's a great looking card, congrats.

  3. Whoa. Gorgeous card. I understand not messing around with the best offer. I've missed out on some cool cards these last few months by sending best offers and having another person swoop in and pay full price.

  4. Dude... seriously, congrats. Might be my favorite card in your collection (I feel like I've said that before!)

    1. The 2009 Chrome Gold and 2009 Bowman Platinum golds are my favorite golds