Friday, August 21, 2020

And Then There Was 1

I made It clear I wasn't interested in overpaying for the Andrew McCutchen SP photo variant found in 2020 Series 2 Topps Flagship.  

The weekend around release the card was selling for as much as $350 and averaged around $250 for about 72 hours.  Talk about insane prices for a card that is only a SP with an insert ratio of 1:7 packs.

I waited.

And spent my money on other things.

And I waited.

And spent more money on other things.

Then I continued to wait...

Until I was able to secure both the SP and SSP photo variants for only $75 combined.

I now own the most swaggy card ever made of Andrew McCutchen.

It is just shy of becoming my 3,000th unique card too as these cards bring my total to....


Thanks to this Twitter purchase I am 1 card away from the milestone 3,000 unique Andrew McCutchen cards


  1. "I now own the most swaggy card ever made of Andrew McCutchen."

    Or the most swaggy card ever. The SP photo variation even has a little swag of its own. I can't wait to see #3000!

  2. Glorious. Had you thought about rigging it so that SP was your 3000th? Honestly, I'd've done that.

  3. patience paid off! congrats!

  4. Amazing. Can't wait to see what 3K is!

  5. Congratulations! Patience pays.