Monday, August 17, 2020

Kindness Crushings

AJ from the terrific blog, The Lost Collector told me he was going to be sending me a PWE.
AJ has sent me a bunch of cards over the years, but nothing has ever looked like this.
Check out this art card he made for me!!!
Blake Jamieson of Project2020 would be proud.
He also sent along a 2020 Big League Baseball card of my other main PC, Charlie Morton.  Since Charlie got traded to Philadelphia in 2016 and ultimately left via free agency for Houston and Tampa Bay, my Ground Chuck PC has not been as big a focus as previously.  I still love to collect his cards, but I am way behind the "I own every Charlie Morton non 1/1 card" supercollection I once had.  There's just too many parallels these days to supercollect McCutchen and Morton.

This 1985 insert from 2020 Topps Series 2 was the main card of the PWE I was anticipating.  It's a nice photo of Cutch making a catch.
Thank you AJ!!!

I also got a card sent to me via Bryan on Twitter
Please follow Bryan on Twitter @I_am_steele
He posts a lot of cards for sale and is an incredibly kind neighbor of the north.  


  1. That Museum is cool.

    Glad you like the art card. It's amazing how fun a kids spin art machine could be.

    1. Great job AJ on that art card! First sketches. Then bookmarks. Now art cards? What's next?

  2. Great stuff. Didn't know you did Charlie morton

    1. Through 2016 (the year before he became really good with Houston) I owned every non1/1 Charlie Morton card. I even predicted him being the winning pitcher of Game 7 of the World Series in Sept 2017. He wasn't the winning pitcher, but did get the save and was the pitcher on mound when Houston won it in 2017.