Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Many pieces of a jersey from a famous gif

If you search for Andrew McCutchen gifs on the internet, it won't take you very long to come across this one

Andrew McCutchen just about lost his mind when Giancarlo Stanton hit a homerun that was one of the most impressive HRs in a Derby I can recall.

The moment was from the 2014 All Star Game Home Run Derby.  Topps usually gets the workout jerseys seen similar to the one Cutch is wearing in the above gif and cuts them up for their high end releases like Triple Threads, Museum, and of course Update.

I recently got a jumbo patch in (before I was in single digit needs for 3K)
and it pairs nicely with these others that have been in my collection for years
1/1 sleeve patch
1/1 laundry tag
1/1 Logoman
/9 prime patch
/50 gold parallel jersey swatch
/25 triple jersey with Carlos Gomez and Yasiel Puig
/25 with Giancarlo Stanton and Yasiel Puig
/25 with Josh Harrison and Yasiel Puig
base jersey All-Star Stitches


  1. All amazing cards! The booklet is incredible.

  2. Looks like you have enough to put the jersey back together!