Friday, August 14, 2020

Snoop's Summer

Another famous celebrity appeared yesterday to lend their talents and bring awareness to shark conservation.  

The mother****ing D-O-Double G.

Yup, Snoop Dogg, lent his voice to some of the most viral videos of sharks and Shark Weeks own specials to give a play by play that even Vin Scully would be proud of.

The special which aired last night was called Snoop's Sharkadelic Summer.

Snoop is no stranger to the summer as he has appeared in Ali Zamani's Summertime music video

Because of the tie in for Snoop and his Sharkadelic Summer special last night, I thought it would be appropriate for me to show off some 2014 Panini Stars of Summer cards.
This is the dual relic card numbered to 99 copies.  There is also an unnumbered single relic card that I haven't added to my collection yet according to my box and spreadsheet (even though I could have sworn I had one).
The back has a nice writeup about my favorite defensive Steelers player of All Time, sorry Mean Joe.
There is a non relic insert set of the same name, but it features both a different image on the front 
and back compared to the relic versions.  It does feature the same writeup on the back about Troy Polamalu.


  1. Not a fan of the song, but I do enjoy some 90's Snoop when performed with Dre and Pac.

  2. True story, I was on a call with Snoop Dogg once.