Monday, August 24, 2020

Anotha one...

I have ZERO desire to only post cards as they come, but with October only a month away there will be themed events that will cease posting only "new mail day" cards.

In the mean time, enjoy card number 3,002 in the Cutch PC.  
It is the 2020 gold parallel numbered to 50 copies of the 1985 35th anniversary insert card found in Series 2 Topps.
I like the image used for this card.  I am curious about the "gold" border though.  It looks a little weaker than other gold parallels we have seen from Topps in recent years.
The back has a serial number that makes this an eBay 1/2 (do the math, it's fun).  I like that it has his complete playing career stats, an interesting recent fact about him and a random baseball trivia question.  This card back is very true to the 1985 design.

A couple quick notes about my collection.
I have joined TCDB finally.  I literally just joined so if you see that I only have a dozen or so cards checked off it's because I plan on updating my list later this week.

I have also added a few cards to my Instagram.

Both names are CollectingCutch, the same as this blog and my Twitter.  I plan to join other social media places as well so keep your eyes out.

Are there any places you can suggest for increasing my social media presence of CollectingCutch?


  1. Welcome to TCDB?! Curious to see what you think and if you're able to find any new Cutch cards in the site.

    Weird place for the serial number on that card!

  2. It looks almost Beige as opposed to Gold

  3. Nice card! Welcome to TCDB! I agree completely with AJ: That's a kind of a weird spot for the serial number.

  4. Welcome to TCDB - Your going to have quite the lead on the soon-to-be-#2 McCutchen collector! Don't forget to submit your blog to their site!