Monday, October 18, 2021

The Most Elite

Each year during the month of October, I show off only pink (and shades of pink like magenta, peach, etc) to help raise awareness of Breast Cancer, a leading cause of death for females in the United States.  

Due to my own financial situation this year I will not be able to make a donation for each (meaningful, non spam) comment left by those that follow the blog.  Once things settle down on the home front though I will be looking to make a donation in 2022 based on the comments left during this year's event.  Hopefully together we can help at least one woman get a much needed mammogram.  Early detection is key!!!

If you want to make your own private donation please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  There is a donate button on the main page and it only takes a minute of your time.  Every little bit helps.

I have focused primarily on cards that only feature Andrew McCutchen on the card, but in recent years have also featured cards with a cameo appearance (either being seen on the card or as a name cameo on the back of the card).  In 2019, I created Falco Files which discussed players that replaced (Shane Falco Replacements movie reference) on an active roster, number worn, or trade.  I will also be showing some Cutch's Crew cards that show pink cards of players that have played with Cutch on multiple teams. I will continue to utilize these styles of posts as we celebrate the 5th Collecting Cutch Save Second Base event (I am no longer counting my first run on the Pirates Treasure Room I did back in 2014).

I am always looking for new ways to incorporate new celebrities into the event so today I am presenting

Zoe Saldana

She was born in New Jersey in 1978 and got her first acting role in 2000. 
By 2003 she was beginning one of the most impressive runs at landing in movies with huge ticket sales when she played the role of Anamaria, from Pirates of Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

She has been a huge part of many sci-fi movies over the past decade. 
In 2009 she starred in James Cameron's Avatar which was the highest grossing movie of all time.  Zoe helped to bring the world of Avatar to life by her stunning performance of Neytiri.
Avatar remained atop the highest selling movie of all time until a new Disney entry occurred in 2019.

That movie was Avengers:Endgame and thanks to a second release during the holiday season, it topped Avatar.
Zoe retained her role from the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, playing the role of Thanos' step daughter, Gamorra.

If you want a top selling Sci-Fi movie in the 21st century go to Zoe Saladena.  She has been the most elite actress of the past decade.  By the end of 2019 she was the 2nd highest grossing actress of all time.
Above is a magenta printing white whale from 2020 Triple Threads.  It features an autograph and patch relics and bat relics.  The card spells out Decade Elite
The back discusses how elite Cutch was offensively during the 2010s. 

What was the last movie you saw in theatres?

Do you plan to see any movies in the near future?


  1. Saw "The Rise of Skywalker" in 2019, and we hope we'll get back to a theater soon.

    Always remember her from "Guess Who,"w/ Ashton Kutcher & the late Beenie Mac.

    Good Job. 👍

  2. Gosh, yeah, The Rise Of Skywalker is probably the last time I went to a movie theater, too. Which is a shame, because it was awful, and does not deserve to be called Star Wars.

    I don't expect to go again until the COVID situation is much better than it is now. Although if there were a new Star Wars movie that would be hard to resist--I have been to every live-action Star Wars release and re-release on the first day going back to Return of the Jedi.

    Zoe Saldana is gorgeous, a great choice. I liked her as Uhura.

  3. I went to a movie last February, but it was in an empty theater that was rented out for a kids birthday party. They showed one of the Lego movies. Batman, I think?

    I liked her in the Pirates movie, good shout. Forgot that was her.

  4. I actually went last month to see the Shang-Chi movie with my daughter. I would love to know what kind of residuals actors get, because Saldana's film resume has got to have her set up pretty well.

  5. Yeah I think mine was also Rise of Skywalker. I think we have plans to try to see the next Spider Man movie at Christmastime.