Monday, October 25, 2021

Weather You Like It or Not

I live in NJ, but work in the Philadelphia area.  One thing I try to do at work each day is catch the local news weather forecast.

My reason is simple, Monica Cryan is the most fun weather girl I have ever seen in my life.

Philly weather has never been portrayed any better.

I don't know What the weather forecast was when Topps chose this image of Andrew McCutchen for their Series 2 flagship release in 2020, but I will say the pink mother's day parallels leave a lot of cloudiness in the forecast.  Unlike many other of their bold pink parallels, the 2020 Series 2 appear to be more of a rose gold with a strong emphasis on gold than the traditional pink.
The back still shows the serial numbering to 50 copies.

Have you ever overlooked a parallel because it just didn't stand out enough?

Do you have any favorite news reporters local to you that you enjoy watching?


  1. Oh, I'm sure I overlook parallels all the time. And at the show I attended yesterday, there were a lot of cards which I knew were parallels, but didn't know what parallels they were. I probably even bought some.

    I've definitely come back from dimeboxes with parallels I didn't know were parallels. Not long ago I bought a 2020 Felix Hernandez (a zero-year card!), not remembering that I already had one--but the new one turned out, to my surprise, to be an advanced stats parallel, numbered to 300! I'm guessing the dealer missed it, too, and that's why it was in the dimebox in the first place.

    I don't watch much local news, but the top local anchor on CBS channel 2 in New York was a friend of mine in college. Certainly nice to see how successful he's been.

  2. Just ordered a 2021 Matthew Boyd analytics card...didn't know he has one.

    There's been quite a lot of News Persons that I've liked over the years, including Kate Siefert, of local Channel 3.

  3. Looks like your weather girl has tried her hand with stand up comedy? If so, kudos to her!

    Here in Chicago, Cheryl Scott has been on the air for a while now and she is easy on the eyes.

  4. Always great when you have good local weather folks to watch. Good post.