Sunday, March 25, 2018

Added another autograph...

I added another unique autograph of Cutch to the collection when this dual patch autograph from 2011 Topps Marquee showed up at the door.

It's a shame it's a sticker auto because the patches on this card and the design is fantastic.

Turn it over and it sounds like that McCutchen kid might one day turn into something decent.

Shame they traded him for a middle reliever and a prospect whos still in AA.


  1. Wow. Those patches are really nice.

  2. That's a great looking card

  3. I saw that one on eBay. Glad you got it. I actually thought you had that one already. You don't see many of the low numbered variations from his first auto releases hit auction.

    1. I have the triple patch, but didn't have the double.

  4. Damn that's a fine looking piece of cardboard. Those patches are sweet.