Thursday, March 8, 2018

Going Green: Unity with AMC

Have you ever listened to some spellcasters and the phrases they say?  Maybe it's just me, but Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, and many others seem to say the word amuk.

Irish actress Evanna Lynch is no stranger to the word as she was a recurring character in the Harry Potter series.
AMC....pronounced amuk
Something about her knees makes me say (u)AM(yu)C(k)
Maybe it's just me though.

Tying into the word I will discuss a Cutch card labeled as AMC.

Triple Threads puts out a series of cards called unity relics each year.  Each unity relic features a different image of the player and is one of 3 different versions.  Some are harder to find then others.  All the unity relics have the standard Triple Threads numbering of /36, /27, /18, /9, /3, /1.

I have completed the gold unity relics /9 which I showed here.

The Emerald (green) Triple Threads relics are all numbered to 18 copies.

I am still in search of SJR-AM and SJR-AMU to complete the emerald set.

Above is the AMC....which pronounced is Amuk....
A spell has been cast for me to acquire the other unity relics.


  1. Wow. Haven't seen her since the last Potter movie.

  2. I don't remember her in those movies, guess will have to watch them again

  3. I thought Evanna Lynch might be Luna, but I had to double check to be sure. Ms. Lovegood was one of my favorite characters from the Harry Potter series.