Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Going Green: 8 Tracks to Fast Tracks

I recently watched an Irish movie called Sing Street.  It's on Netflix and features a bunch of great songs from the 80s!!! You should know my love of 80s music if you've read this blog before.

I won't reveal any spoilers, but it follows a boys dream to become a musician to impress an aspiring model, Lucy Boynton.

Who wouldn't try to impress her?

Lucy sports a black hair style relevant to the 80s music scene and 8 track time period in the movie.

Speaking of 8 is a card talking about Cutch and his young days running track at Fort Meade High School.

I have a lot of the Emerald Triple Threads Triple relics.  One I showed off yesterday.


  1. Woo, she looks good in any hair color....

  2. That sounds like an interesting show. I'm all about 80's nostalgia (and cute girls)

    1. It's hard to work and read blogs at the same time ;)

    2. You should definitely check it out if you have Netflix.

  3. Yeah, it's a fun movie. And hot girl. And great card.