Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Weather Update or It's Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Another snowy day on the east coast today.

Here's Jackie Denardo (Jessica Collins) of Channel 5 News to give us a weather update.

Thanks Jackie

And what do the elements have in store,

A lot of confusion it seems.  Early indicators of this storm ranged from a dusting to 18 inches depending on how the temperature was and the way the current took the storm.

Jackie Denardo is a fictional character played by Jessica Collins on the TV show, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.   I work not too far from Philly and am happy to say, I'm not working today as the area is being pummeled with the 4th Noreaster in 3 weeks.

My latest pickup is a 2013 Hometown Heroes Zipcode parallel.  It goes with the Home State parallel I have.

Oddly enough I need the base (no foil stamping in top right).

So to answer today's question, it's not always sunny in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania in general.


  1. I'm so done with winter! Same story here in Jersey (sans voluptuous weather lady, lol) Another day off work, another 6-8 inches (or more) to shovel out of.

    Spring cant come soon enough.

    1. I'm a Jersey guy too and it's still snowing like crazy.

  2. Love that episode! Good luck with the snow.

  3. Hmmm. Wonder if I have the base