Monday, March 5, 2018

Going Green: Going Platinum

The challenge was thrown yesterday by Chris of The Collector.

"If you can post Green Cutch cards every day from now until St. Patty's Day I will be very impressed. I'd be even more impressed if you could throw us another Irish lass."

Did you know that Christina Aguilera was of Irish Heritage?

Me neither.

I did know that she was from Pittsburgh and regularly visits games.

The platinum selling artist claims that she is part Irish.
She must get her skin tones from her Latin father.
The bottled genie shared in an interview how when her mom was raising her they would deck out the house with shamrock and leprechauns everywhere.
So how do I tie in today's Irish Heritage platinum selling megastar singer to an Andrew McCutchen baseball card.

Platinum,  Green, ok here's today's card
This is another run of cards that I am very close to completing the rainbow.  I need the gold (1/1) and purple (/250)


  1. I have a friend from the Pittsburgh area and she loves reminding me she went to the same school as Aguilera!

  2. Nicely done! Not a name I was expecting to see here, but you did your homework. Great pics!

  3. Not usually into her... but she looks good in a Pirates cap.