Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mays, Griffey, and Cutch

There is currently a ranker which lists Mays as #1, Griffey as #3, and Cutch as #22.  You can view it by clicking link above.

I have shown off some Hits Memorabilia cards in the past, but this is my very first Cutch relic that is paired up with the great Willie Mays.

What is interesting about this card is the way all three players respect each other.

Many say Willie Mays is the greatest centerfielder of all time.
Ken Griffey Jr. grew up watching his dad play and wanting to be like him.  Its been said he got #24 because of Mays though.

Cutch grew up being a big fan of Griffey.

After Griffey retired he was asked who his favorite baseball player in game was.  His response....Andrew McCutchen.

A few days ago things came full circle when Cutch got a chance to meet the legendary 24.
Here's the interview Griffey had about Cutch.

Now time to show off the card.
The Mays relic is a pants relic from a New York Mets game.

The back, like all other Hits Memorabilia cards, is quite lackluster.

It may not be officially licensed, but this card features 3 of the most prominent African American centerfielders of each generation.  With the amount of Griffey and Mays collectors out there, I'm happy to add this /5 card to the collection.


  1. Wow. Forget the qualifiers "African-American" and "centerfielders" and you're talking about arguably the preeminent BALLPLAYERS of their respective generations. What a card!

  2. Nice card. Of course I am a bit bias with junior on it

  3. You know you've officially made it when you're featured on a card with Griffey and Mays.

  4. Replies
    1. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with Linda Cohn that day. Nothing but one word answers.

    2. Yeah, that interview was brutal to watch.

  5. That is a great card...a different angle for Mays and one could almost pass it as a licensed card!