Friday, March 30, 2018

Now It's Opening Day!

The Pirates v Tigers matchup yesterday was postponed due to rain in Detroit.  Thus, the Pirates Opening Day begins today.

They begin their season already a half a game out of first place behind the

It's going to be a long season at this rate.

To celebrate the Pirates Opening Day here's a look back at the photo variant from this year's Opening Day release.

Cutch has been appearing as a short print photo variant the past few years.  This Year's Opening Day variant is special though because it celebrates his First career Grand Slam.

My #1 card need is the photo variant from 2014 Opening Day.  If you can point me in the direction of someone that has one and it leads to the card coming into my possession I will offer $40 PayPal for your troubles.  That's how bad I want this card.  Just help me find one and point me in the direction to buy it or trade for it.

It looks like this

Help me find this damn card!!!!


  1. Wow. That's quite the finder's fee. Best of luck on your hunt.

    1. This card is a thorn in my side. I believe it's the last unnumbered card I need for my collection not counting releases from this year.

  2. You on Trading Card Database? Here's a link to the current TCDB population report:

    Nobody currently has it listed 'For Trade', but there's a Yankees fan in there (Colengco90) with really good feedback that doesn't seem to have a Cutch PC. Might be willing to part with it. :D

  3. Unfortunately I am not on TCDB. Have him reach out to me. Hopefully we can work something out.

  4. I found a guy that has one. He said he’s a McCutchen super collector, but he’d be willing to sell if the price was right. I asked him for a price and he said he’d have to check what he paid.