Wednesday, March 28, 2018

On The Eve of Opening Day Comes a Contest

Normally I'm not one for ruining my baseball cards, but the idea of these Home Run Challenge cards is so alluring to me I can't pass them up.

These are selling for $3-$6each so if I can grab a copy for under $5 I am going to grab them and gamble what day Cutch might hit a HR.  Cutch has averaged 24 HR/season over his career.

I have no idea what the prizes will be from Topps, but so far I have picked up 5 of these.  I'm going to a card show next week and hopefully can grab a few more. 

One will be kept in tact so these 4 will definitely be scratched. 

The first four people to select a date that Cutch hits a HR will automatically have their dates entered into Topps site.  (Please use sound judgement and select a date the Giants play a game)  If you aren't one of the first four you can still take a guess and as I acquire more (because I'm sure I will) I will enter those codes.

If I win a prize from Topps, you win a prize from me.

Good luck!


  1. OK..I'll play. Let's go with April 18.

    I checked the schedule because yes, I'm the dummy that picked a Pirates off day last year. :-(

  2. I think I read the prizes are parallels of this card with each month getting a different color? So you might be looking for a couple of different versions on the secondary market if you don't win yourself.

    I did a little research on my Cubs cards and had a slow time at work today so here's a little over-analysis.

    Looking at his career splits, Cutch seemed to have a lot of success at Miller Park, 30% home run rate, or almost once per series. He's not in the NL Central anymore but the Giants make their one trip to Milwaukee on Sept 7-9 (his second highest home run month behind July). Can I place hold this series and give you a firm date a little closer to see the pitching matchups (stronger against lefties)?

    Also, I'd recommend waiting until the deadline of the game anyway as I heard you can't change, even for a rainout or if the player doesn't play.

    Thanks and good luck!

    1. Absolutely. You're locked in for the series.
      I was planning on entering info the night before for all codes.

  3. I'm planning on playing along but with Nelson Cruz. One thing to remember is that you can enter the codes up until the day before the game. So in the event that Cutch is injured or whatever, a few days prior to the game, you haven't wasted your code.

    I'm going with August 12, against his old team.

  4. You won my contest, maybe I'll win yours (but I doubt it) Let's try...July 3 at Colorado.

  5. August 21. If he's going to hit a home run against my Mets, I should have something to show for it. B^)

  6. I screwed this up. Earlier in week I selected today on the website for Bryce Harper. They got rained out. And my date can’t be changed because it’s by DATE and not game. So make sure you don’t enter your code until that day with clear weather.

  7. I'm a sucker for a feel-good baseball moment. Cutch makes his return to Pittsburgh May 11th. After a standing ovation from the crowd, he hits one out in his first at-bat!

    1. I hope this happens as I have tickets for that game