Saturday, March 3, 2018

Going Green: A Tribute Has Arrived

Yesterday I showed off one of my favorite green cards in my collection, a 2017 Spectra Triple Threats relic from last year's Chronicles release.

In case you missed it, here it is again.
Besides not having a logo on the helmet, there is nothing wrong with this card.  It's stunning!!!
Today I am going to another card from a release last year.

I just grabbed this for $10, which is slightly more than I would have liked but I was able to get free shipping by combining it with other cards I wanted.

It's from 2017 Tribute and the green is screaming loudly on this one!

I would like to change the direction of the posts going forward toward St Patrick's Day.   Rather than lead with a celebrity of Irish Heritage, I will strictly just show off the cards.  Trying to research actresses wasn't something I was really into. 


  1. Not even a Google search? Here - I'll do it for you and a quick research I think you will appreciate:

    Chris De Burgh ("Lady In Red", "Don't Pay The Ferryman" and other songs) did a 1986 song "For Rosanna" to his 2 year old daughter.

    Here's his daughter now:

    You're welcome.