Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It's not my fault

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Visit the official site here.

Breast Cancer will be detected in one of eight women in the US each year.

It is the second leading cause of cancer death among women each year.

On average every 2 minutes a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer and every 13 minutes one person will die from breast cancer.

There are currently 33 million breast cancer survivors in the USA.

It's important to support the research for cancer.  Breast Cancer is often associated with the color pink so I will be showing off some pink Cutch cards.

In addition, you can expect to see some boobs with each post.  Who doesn't love boobs?

So let's start with what we're hoping to save!

Alexandra Daddario

A few days ago I listed Daddario as being one of the four women I would put on my Mt. Rushmore of hotness.

It seems fitting to show her off on WCW (woman crush Wednesday).

Her body is quite amazing, but what I can't stop looking at is those eyes tho...
The sexy star actress may be best known for her role in Percy Jackson, but has also appeared in horror movies like

Texas Chainsaw 3D

And Bereavement

She at one time was thought to be dating Baywatch costar Zac Efron.

Those rumors have been put to rest and is now rumored to be dating Justin Verlander's younger brother Ben.  The two met thanks to Kate Upton.

She also played a major role in the first season of True Detective.
Kate Upton might be the favorite among most men who actually watched The Layover, but there is no way I would turn down Alexandra.
Her appearance and personality really made the movie Burying The Ex more enjoyable.

She also starred in the movie San Andreas which takes place in San Francisco.

Panini has been releasing a chrome version of their Donruss brand each year.  The set is called Optic and while it doesn't have any logos it does feature some great Refractor style chrome cardboard.

This year's Optic has a much different back than the Donruss version. Cutch was traded during the off-season from Pittsburgh to San Francisco.  The back discusses how Cutch's new ballpark may play to his talent.

I think I will have to watch San Andreas.  Some scenes look appealing.

The same can be said for Baywatch.

For all the Yankees fans out there upset about their loss to,the hated Red Sox rival.  I was rooting for you. It's not my fault.


  1. Awesome. You're really great at tying two completely unrelated things together.

    1. This is the fun part of the blog. It's why I am always asking for suggestions. I have a long list of ladies I like, but am always looking for the challenge.

  2. To me, she will always be Neal's beloved Kate from White Collar.

  3. Light-eyed brunettes are my favorite. Dear God, some of those gifs are amazing...

    1. I like adding a gif to each post if possible. Ms. Daddario deserves a bunch.

  4. I demand you take down all images of my future wife IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  5. How did that shirt stay on in Texas Chainsaw 3D?

    1. I don't know but science says it should have come off